Welcome to The Blog

My name is Christopher Marcus. I’m a web-designer and consultant by day and blogger, occasional novella-writer, hobby-artist and inner city shaman by night …

I’m also 43 years old, living in Copenhagen, hitched with Char and raising little Jay.

Every day for 14,012 days I will write a blog post and think aloud on all the challenges of living one ordinary not-always-easy life – and how to feel that things are going to be okay anyway.

I try to be consistent in my life path, but as you will see from my posts values, perceptions and priorities can and do change a lot over time.

How to read The Blog

  1. Use your intuition and pick a Post, Category or Tag at random while thinking about a life theme that you’d like to read about – that can often yield surprising results. This works best with the Index.
  2. Peruse uplifting reflections from each day on a number of life-themes
  3. Read the day-to-day blog if you want to follow my attempts to make sense of life chronologically – either from the beginning (!) or from a particular date.
  4. Follow a particular development in a life-theme, like Art or Family, over time (choose a Category)
  5. Follow a particular development in a minor theme – like “courage” (choose a Tag)

Read here for a bit more about myself and my mission with this blog.