Welcome to My Most Ridiculously Ambitious Blog Ever …

Hi there,

My name is Christopher Marcus. I’m a web-designer and consultant by day and blogger, occasional novella-writer, hobby-artist and inner city shaman by night …

I’m also 43 years old, living in Copenhagen, hitched with Char and raising little Jay.

The rest of the details are in this ridiculously crazy blog

So why ‘ridiculous’?

Well, you see …

Every day for 14,012 days I will write a blog post 
and think aloud on all the challenges of living one ordinary not-always-easy life – and how to feel that things are going to be okay anyway.

I try to be consistent in my life path, but as you will see from my posts values, perceptions and priorities can and do change a lot over time.

Read more about how I got to this ‘crazy point’ here.

What’s up right now:

1) Learning how to be a parent – a bit late

We had a son recently – and his mum is 42. The doctors said we couldn’t. We tried for 7 years. We gave up. And then he came anyway. It’s crazy and crazy hard.

Read some of the posts about our little Jay and the trials and challenges of becoming belated parents.

2) Trying to make money in more enjoyable ways

My webdesign business is certainly one step up on the ladder if we talk about doing something I am passionate about, although ‘passion’ is not the right word. It is just … better. I get to use more of my skills, meet more people to help.

I don’t earn that well yet from this business, but that’s because I don’t have a real large network of clients yet. In a year or two, as both my network and site grow, it will be much easier to get leads, and eventually paying customers. And I will be able, all other things being equal, to set my prices higher.

These days you can still find many courses and coaching-offers on the Net that posits that you can and should combine all three – passion, purpose and profit – in one single endeavor. ‘Make money from your passion’ etc.

But more often than not, for my own life at least, I’ve found that I need to balance passion, purpose and profit – not try to force it into one place or activity. One thing I do is what I am most passionate about, work-wise. Another contains the most purpose. Another the most profit. Each contain a little bit of the other, but they are separate.

3) Putting to rest the struggle to time for art and drawing

I thought I had decided I am going to continue to draw, several times, even if it was a fight (but a good one – I thought).

Read some of my thoughts about this fight and all the little fights that get entangled in it – about everyday life priorities – here.

And then stop over here for my conclusion about this search. It’s not something I like, but at least I feel I found it.

4) Find Out What the Hell I Want To Write – if Anything

Started strong with a new short novel-series but got bogged down in editing and birth-stuff. Now I’m not so sure I want to continue this anyway. A pain and a mystery I will have to look into and come out of.

Currently, and as it stands, it feels as if I’m – again – mostly attracted to writing novellas, and just that. And I can live with Just That.

Maybe, since I keep returning to my Shade of the Morning Sun-stories, I should heed that call of the soul …

Oh, and there’s also …

5) Conscious Internet-use

Now I’ll have another go at this. I’ll plan what I want to do with my time on the net and do only that and then close it down again. On desktop and phone.

A may come across as a fanatic puritan, but I really, really feel there is much to be gained by trying this.

But God, it is difficult.Perhaps that is an indicator of how much it is worth to achieve.

More topics to come!

How to read The Blog

You can read the blog in these ways, I reckon:

  • use your intuition and pick a Post, Category or Tag at random while thinking about a life theme that you’d like to read about – that can often yield surprising results
  • peruse uplifting reflections from each day on a number of life-themes
  • read the day-to-day blog if you want to follow my attempts to make sense of life chronologically – either from the beginning (!) or from a particular date.
  • follow a particular development in a life-theme, like Art or Family, over time (choose a Category)
  • follow a particular development in a minor theme – like “courage (choose a Tag)

A bit more about myself, my mission with this blog, my life goals and deeper goals can be found by following the latter links.