124. Dimensions Worth Remembering

After yesterday’s considerations about persistence and hope when trying to make a living, at least partially, as a writer in the 21st century, I knew I had forgotten something…

Something important.


It’s good to remember that if I write every day on stories I love for the next 10 or 50 years … then making mental room and spending calendar time for and on that … is worth the most.

Worth a lot more, actually, than the money I might receive eventually for my efforts.

Even if that money IS worth a lot.

Even if I yearn for it with all my being.

Even if all of that … it IS worth more.

To do it. Every day.

And do it out of love.

No matter how rich or medium-rich I get from being the next Stephen King, dollars won’t be able to buy me memories …

… of traveling to other dimensions every day.