127. Seven Thoughts About the Search for Meaning In Life

1) We have so many problems finding out how ‘life works’ that it often feels like somebody ‘hid the manual’. So what if it’s annoying that somebody ‘hid’ the good parts of life? The knowledge of how to make life work better right away? It’s only annoying if you believe that that which makes life good cannot ever be found. Or that it doesn’t exist at all. But isn’t it the best to believe that there IS something that CAN be found? 

2) Much of life is searching for an absolutely clear understanding of what and how much I need when it comes to money, passion and purpose. And when they have become clear, that is half the battle won.

3) Maybe this person I just met and connected with are is adrift, too. In a way that’s sad. But being adrift together can and should and will help. Two pairs of eyes can better spot the light of land, in the dark.

4) It’s one of the nice things about middle-age. About age in general – if it hasn’t killed you. It’s nice that at that age you can better be the rock for someone else. In so many ways … Who are you a rock for?

5) Since when was pretty pictures on Facebook relevant to your health, job, family or anything else? Oh, but you don’t spend so much time on social media that it matters, right? How about … 10 minutes a day which makes for 3650 minutes per year which makes for 60 hours per year. That’s not so much time to look at pretty pictures. Only 10 minutes more to read about some idiot who is a disgrace to the office he currently occupies and what he will do next. Will people thank you at your funeral for having spent 120 hours per year for that? 

6) They key is to acknowledge that you need to take time to focus on what you wish and want for, even if you don’t believe you can get it – or believe that it is very far away. Do that consistently. Tell yourself: ‘I know it is not true now, but it is a good day dream. It’s a fantasy. I am allowed that!’ What will happen if you keep telling yourself that?

7) I could try to say to myself every morning I get up: “What shall I do on this day in my life-journey?” (Or just: “On this day of the journey?”) By doing so I train myself to see my life as a journey. And for me a journey has always been something positive. It has a goal. A meaning. Even if a lot of terrible stuff happens along the way and you get stuck for 3 days in an airport somewhere

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The advice in this post is a composite of the first series of post excerpts in the category “Meaning and Purpose” from Dec 2016-April 2017 on The Blog.

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