131. Toolboxes

The Story is keeping up with my outline relatively well and Friday it gave me the hope to have it all bagged, though, maybe before all of Easter is finished. Wouldn’t that be something?

Nah, it’s probably not the way to go. I have some extra time because of the holidays, sure, but I don’t want to tempt myself to fight reality the same way Mary does in the Story.

I have tried to set a goal of 500 words per day which I can then exceed if I am in a flow, and no disturbances.

But I’m already behind on some of the day’s chores, and soon the family will be a bit bigger, so I can’t expect a lot of extra time to be available on more days in the future.

Better to settle for a routine, I feel, which can hold up on all days, pretty much no matter what happens.

That might sound a bit like I’m holding myself back for no reason, eh?

He, yeah, I figured it would. Let’s call it experience with my own writing habits and will and life in general. I tried once to write every available moment and it fizzled because I quickly got to see all other things in my life as competition for writing time. Which they are. Better to accept it and just act like that all the time.

Besides, it’s not as if there is nothing to do around the ‘house’ (our 2-room apartment), getting ready for my son’s birth. It’s not like there aren’t any loose ends with clients I do webdesign for. There are some very real loose ends on both accounts.

So Easter Friday is not really a holiday with extra time. It’s only that in so far as it seems if most of the world around me has gone into some kind of holiday hibernation. But as usual it is up to me – how to prioritize.

I decide if writing is more important today or client work or house work. It’s not as if some extra time magically was delivered in a package at my door.

The day is there, 24 hours, and I decide.

And I decide to pretend it’s like any other day.

So I did write my 500 words – which eventually got to be 1198 because I was in a flow and no alarms sounded. And then I used my reflections about this little decision to blog about for about 15 minutes which is also the time, give or take, that I reckon I can use on The Blog each day in the foreseeable future.

And in a little moment I will shift to client work and then shopping for house. We need a good suitcase to bring to the hospital and I think there is a store in a shopping mall that has them (and opening hours) this Easter Friday, so I’m going to check that one out.

Otherwise I need some tools for my toolbox to fix the final parts of the cupboard we bought for our clothes and Jay’s. And that store is open. Even today.

But before all of that, now you know what toolbox I used to fix today’s priorities of time and energy, and why I didn’t make something extraordinary out of it being an official holiday.

Whether or not it was the right tools I used we will see in time. But if not, there are others I can try. That’s the good thing about tool-boxes. You just have to remember to keep them well-equipped.