138. KISS

I think I’ve found a close-to-optimal way of being ready for Jay’s birth these days, which is something considering how much I’ve fretted before.

Not that there isn’t something left to fret about, but that’s not the issue. The issue is what I choose to do in the wait, to feel ready to go at moment’s notice, yet not obsessing about anything. Trying to relax and detach and do meaningful stuff.

Meaningful stuff, not escape stuff.

It comes down to this:

  1. Not taking in new clients, just keeping existing commitments
  2. When home, stay home and do home stuff, like clean up or cook
  3. Or help Char
  4. When not doing any of 1-3, then write and draw a bit
  5. Think a few hours ahead and get that extra nap first thing in the evening instead of sitting up late, and forgetting my Internet-abstain vows. Maybe we have to go in the night.

That’s it.

Simple, but that’s the point of these things, I guess.

When you want to keep down stress, keep the solutions simple.

The definition of stress is doing too many things.