143. The Point

Got this idea today for a new product that I might develop in conjunction with my webdesign business, start to sell and actually earn on – without selling my time again. As in doing a particular podcast about some topics I think will interest my target audience and, well, sell them.

It’s a pretty weak idea so far, for a number of reasons, but obviously I got carried a bit away with it, esp. this afternoon after coming home from client work, seeing the mountain of dishes, and still waiting for our son to be born.

But then all sorts of problems and what-ifs got mixed up in my head. I doubted the target audience, the idea itself, the commercial potential, the etc. etc.

Fair enough. It happens. But I did not press on, thinking about this idea all evening, although I feel a strong urge to.

On the contrary, I’ve been taking a nap, talking with mum on the phone and, yeah, started doing those dishes.

I don’t want to get carried away, and esp. not stressed, about new product development – more or less driven by the urgency to make money. I have to maintain faith that things are going to work out. Either because my subconscious will guide me, other people, or that-undefinable-something-which-some-call-the-Divine-and-which-I-tend-to-believe-in.

I mean, if I don’t test my faith every once in a while that things are going to work out eventually, and that I can let go a little, then how can I ever make that faith real and strong? If I don’t dare let go and let things come to me, then what?

It’s not the same as slacking, mind you – just being strategic in my priorities on what to stress about.

Or at least clutter up in my mind …

There should only be room for so much in my mind right now, like my son. And so, I have to force myself to have faith, in a number of things, even if I’m not very good at it.

But maybe that’s the whole point of this particular experience, in a number of ways.