156. What Matters

Yesterday a friend tried to send me a CD with a new music album his wife had made, but it got nicked by some postal-worker en route.

I can get a new copy, of course, but I hate when people steal from me – esp. something personal like this. We’ve been friends for almost 30 years, MRN and I, and I care very much for his wife, LR, who is a beautiful person like her husband, as well as extremely talented. (Like her husband.)

Aside from the obvious pathetic-ness of stealing CDs in 2017, you wonder why somebody did something like that. What kind of value were they hoping to get? What did they do when they found out they didn’t like the cover or whatever? Throwing it out is the obvious answer.

But here’s the thing: whomever did this had at least the decency to glue the envelope together again so I got the personal letter from my friend, which accompanied the CD.

My friendship with MRN and LR, my memories of our times together, my appreciation of the music of LR – none of that has been damaged by this theft. It just made me angry for a brief moment.

But I like to think that whomever did this put the envelope back in circulation, because he or she had a sense of that friendship, too, because they couldn’t avoid seeing there was a personal letter attached. And that was something this petty thief could not make him or herself disrespect.

Maybe it is my imagination, maybe it doesn’t matter. What matters is that I found that focus, after being angry at first.

Naturally angry, like pissed. Almost on the verge of letting it all out on Facebook, punching the pillows of cyberspace, in order to feel better.

But again, after calming down and listening to the record on iTunes instead, I did remember that it was the wrong way to go.

For the same reason I’ve begun to imagine that the thief couldn’t throw out the entire letter.