169. Not All

I found out about the bomb that had killed a score of youngsters at a concert in Manchester, while I was walking with Jay’s carriage at 3 AM in the morning to help him calm down.

Not again, huh?

Terror attacks. It’s all a blur sometimes. Like … it’s never-ending.

And like the world is becoming more dangerous by the day …

But is it?
I recently looked up the global homicide rate per 100.000 persons and what do you think it is?

It is …


Per 100.000 persons.

Not what you would think when watching the news. Or reading it.

The number of stories about homicide – or just some kind of death and disaster – per 100.000 news stories is a LOT more than 7.6.

They’ve been droning all morning in the radio about Manchester. The scores of children elsewhere in the world who were killed last week in similar bombings barely gets a notice.

Whatever the exact percentage, the majority of news from the old media (papers, TV, radio) IS concerned with something negative, one way or the other.

And it is concerned with US. 110 per cent. Not very much everybody else.

And these stories from the seemingly ‘objective news media’ subtly affect your mind.

They make you by default have a more negative outlook on the world and feel that it is more dangerous – ‘closer to home’ – by over-reporting deaths caused by such a horrible attack compared to the thousands of people killed every year by smoking, including children. Or compared to deaths in other parts of the world.

So should we just become hippies?

Meaning: Should we turn off everything – including the Internet?

Obviously not. But we should think very, very carefully about how much news junk we let into our minds – especially if we get our news from the 24 hour channels that show endless reruns.

It affects us, more than we know. It is NOT an objective view of the world.

And now I will say a prayer for the poor families of Manchester. I feel now more than ever how horrible it could be to lose a child and I hope I will never experience it.

But I need to remember that despite the horror this is just the news going bananas, zooming in on the most scary thing right now.

It is not all.