177. Minor Questions About Why I Fucked Up My Career So Far

I’m writing this post Thursday, because Wednesday we were out all day – to another city, to get Char some treatment for her trauma after the birth. She is doing well overall, but can still get very sad and down about it.


Everything had looked good until everything suddenly turned around and she got her stomach cut open. We need to deal with that. And we need time to deal with that.

But this post is about the exploration of how I can upgrade my income to something more joyful. In the last installment I made a problem definition that asked how I could earn 8000 USD on average per month in passive income doing something I am more passionate about. It was more precise than that, yes, but we only need the gist here.

By the way: Bear in mind that I am aware of the pitfalls of being too much in love with the concept of ‘passive income’ without defining it further. I have blogged about this before.

But for now, let’s just keep it because I really want some variation of this income type to be dominant – coming from a series of assets I have monetized via a system I own.

It will take time to create and maintain, but it will also prevent me from having to sell my time to earn money and chase customers from now on and until I die.

Anyway, the problem definition also lead to a number of minor questions which need to be answered and I will have a stab at those today – full throttle, and full honesty. No holds barred. Etc. Etc.

So here goes:

What sources if income (value) am I most passionate about creating and maintaining?

Currently, and in order of passion:

  1. The Blog
  2. self-help books based on topics on The Blog
  3. my latest short novel fiction series (attempt) about Dimension and Time Travelers
  4. a community for my customers in my webdesign business (not wholly ‘passive’ but valuable and meaningful and partly passive)
  5. e-guides and e-courses for said business

Which of these sources am I the most skilled in creating?

In my assessment – in order of skill-level:

  1. The Blog
  2. self-help books based on topics on The Blog
  3. e-guides and e-courses for said business
  4. a community for my customers in my webdesign business (not wholly ‘passive’ but valuable and meaningful and partly passive)
  5. my latest short novel fiction series (attempt) about Dimension and Time Travelers

I figure I will always be ‘better’ at blogging about the human condition and writing fiction than doing WordPress, even if the comparison is difficult to make. What is more difficult? To put up a website or write a novella? In some cases, it can be the website which is the easiest and I know these cases well. So … it’s hard to answer. But generally, when I look at what I feel is the most difficult I would say the above list is pretty precise.

What is it that makes other people the most happy that I am best capable of giving?

I would figure that it would be the material in The Blog since it is intended to make people feel more empowered and uplifted on a wide variety of life topics. The problem is of course that it is difficult to market and sell because it is an ‘Everything Product’.

Another problem is that if we just look at single topics, such as my shared experiences on friendship, then maybe people truly would be happier if they became better at managing friendships, yes. However, quite a few people, myself included, will from time to time put other interests first. There is really no way to measure this, so we have to go with subjective interest. Which could be well-managed websites over well-managed friendships.

What am I willing to invest to achieve my goal – in time, energy and money?

The previous question wasn’t really answered, because I can’t answer it presently. It leads us to the caveat of asking ‘what is most valuable to people’ (and my issue with many niche-marketing-courses): It depends on what you want to receive in remunerative value and how much you are willing to invest to get it.

If I am willing to receive just 1000 USD for my fiction book on average per month, because it is impossible to sell more world wide, and I am willing to invest 6 years of my life to reach that goal, then nothing else matters. It doesn’t matter, that seen in isolation websites are more worth to people than fiction books. Or whatever.

So since my conclusion is, and has been for some time, that I’m willing to invest an unlimited amount of spare-time (whatever is possible to carve out) then it doesn’t matter which of my passions people value the most. Eventually I will reach the number of people, and be able to create sufficient quality, that they will – on average and all in all – be willing to remunerate me with 8000 USD/month.

So … The Blog it is. I don’t even want to do products yet. I just want to blog more and create this asset, and build it to something worthwhile.

That also means I have to make some decisions still, as regards my month-to-month income. What are the best and most meaningful business opportunities for me in web-consulting for the rest of 2017, for example. But I would have to do that anyway. So there.

What is the deadline for me to achieve this goal, and how will I react if the deadline has not been reached?

See above.

Why have I not created any true passive income so far? What have been the blocks and how can I overcome them this time, in this case?

I wasn’t able to choose, and this is painful to admit. I have tried everything from writing novels to creating niche information businesses online and I have given up before going very far, or finishing products.

I haven’t been consistent and persistent, and that is the truth. I wanted the quick fix. Or I got frustrated when I didn’t get it, and I suddenly felt that either I didn’t earn fast enough, or I didn’t do something that quite gelled with my best passion. And I needed the latter, because I usually worked shitty jobs. So the passion had to be the highest, not just ‘okay’ level like my current webdesign business is.

The problem is still there, then, but it has been limited somewhat by graduating to a way of living that is better than doing social care work for disabled persons. Which was meaningful, yes, but too boring, too hard, and too poorly paid to be a good option.

I’ll tell you the story of why I ended up doing this with a university degree some other time. But that is what happened.

Lastly, I would say marketing. I haven’t been good at marketing myself whenever I have been at least a little consistent for periods in my choice of income project.

So … marketing. That is something I will have to do something about, because currently nobody is visiting The Blog. Except one or two people a week, and I don’t even know if they are people. They might be robots …

But fair enough. These are some hard insights and I’m not sure I won’t get impatient again and try to channel (too much) energy into improving my web-business or my live talk income when I should really just focus on building and marketing The Blog, and eventually develop products for it.

I’m not sure at all.

But now I am sure of what I want. And that is worth a lot.