177. Minor Questions About Why


I wasn’t able to choose, and this is painful to admit. I have tried everything from writing novels to creating niche information businesses online and I have given up before going very far, or finishing products.

I haven’t been consistent and persistent, and that is the truth. I wanted the quick fix. Or I got frustrated when I didn’t get it, and I suddenly felt that either I didn’t earn fast enough, or I didn’t do something that quite gelled with my best passion. And I needed the latter, because I usually worked shitty jobs. So the passion had to be the highest, not just ‘okay’ level like my current webdesign business is.

The problem is still there, then, but it has been limited somewhat by graduating to a way of living that is better than doing social care work for disabled persons. Which was meaningful, yes, but too boring, too hard, and too poorly paid to be a good option.

I’ll tell you the story of why I ended up doing this with a university degree some other time. But that is what happened.

Lastly, I would say marketing. I haven’t been good at marketing myself whenever I have been at least a little consistent for periods in my choice of income project.

But fair enough. These are some hard insights and I’m not sure I won’t get impatient again.

I’m not sure at all.

But now I am sure I have the insights. And that is worth a lot.