185. These Past Days

Crap. At least regard to work …

My Big Client trying to implement a major new website which is a German translation of an English website and everything just fucking up about it.

Mostly because there are too few people with the correct skills in the mix, me included, but more importantly: Too little money to pay the people who are there to work the amount of work it takes to get this done right.

But I got an offer to do a promotion to a salary insurance company’s mailinglist of 28.000 members (good old AAK), and I whipped up a free course n WordPress website-building, starting after the summer holidays. If I get on that list I might nail a good number of leads whom I can sell services later on – in webdesign.

More importantly, though, I can sell them advanced products, such as the next level of the course – say, doing webshops in WordPress.

Even if my native language is probably still too small a market to make more than 1K Р maybe 2K РUSD per month on information products to this niche, it is something I have to try. I have to convert more of my income streams to passive, even if there is still a lot of active work involved.

Not something in the high end of motivation like The Blog, which I have so far concluded is the ultimate asset I want to develop, but just making something better of my current occupation: webdesign and consulting for the local language market.

You see, some days I get really tired of service.

Especially servicing other people.

Especially dumb, incompetent, ungrateful, cheap people.

Because, let’s be frank, these people exist and I have to make money on some of them.

As cynical as it sounds, I long for more distance – to just sell something and then be done with it. Not having to interact.

Sure, it’s fun if I get raving fans – then by all means write me and ask me questions about, say, my new e-course in webshops.

But otherwise stay the hell away. Especially if you are cheap, ungrateful, incompetent or just downright have no clue and always want to get something for nothing. People like that I can at least delete with a button, when I see them coming up in my email box. People who may or may not have bought something from me – a product. And then I am done with them.

Not so much with paying clients, whom I service. I am never done with those.

Until I shift – and sell more products instead of services.

So yeah, I’m angry today. At other people. I’m not a friendly, grateful, understanding guy who is reminding himself in a friendly way he has a lot of privileges as opposed to the other guy without two legs or the other girl who scrounges for garbage on a heap in Somalia.

I’m just angry. And some days it is okay to be. As long as it is only some days, and not all days.