186. Not Any Less Precious

Yesterday, I heard ex-FBI-director Comey’s testimony in my earphones whilst working on a customer pitch in the Royal Library (because I had tired of the regular office space).

Today a lot of people shout ‘Watergate’ and a lot of other people don’t seem to think it is so bad yet – for the US president.

Well, in my book it is. The president – if it even makes sense to grace him with that title – has a long list faults, and rotten words and deeds behind him. Some of them, like maybe colluding with Russia to win the election, may be in the department of treason.

But with a Republican Congress that probably won’t matter, even if all the investigating committees and special counselors end up with much worse and much more incriminating evidence against Trump for having broken god-knows-how-many laws.

Even so, it’s nice to follow again – in small, very limited doses. I’m still trying to pretend I do Internet detox, you see …

It’s tempting, though, to skip that detox when you so dearly wish you could be witness to history unfolding as you like it: Bringing down the bad guys – the politicians you hate and loathe, like Nixon. In the summer of ’74.

There are a lot of other wishes out there that make the world go round, though, and mine is not decisive. I have to accept that.

Be that as it may. It doesn’t make my little wish for a new American president – who is actually worthy of the job – any less precious.