187. Got Back To Writing, Kicking and Screaming

… at least mentally, for I was tired. I had cleaned the apartment while Jay and Char went to the harbor on a trip, and done all sorts of things – paperwork, etc.

But I had to.

Those 500 words of writing per day are a saga, but I suppose I can do it again, when I start another story.

However, this time I got stuck in editing the newest story, the one about Dimension Travelers, which is only a 100-ish pages.

Lame, I know, but it is a real important edit. I had written the first draft rush-rush and stream-of-thought and a lot had to be explained or taken out. Trust me. It’s not nit-picky and polish-frenzy. It’s necessary.

Only … these days I almost get nothing done at home except getting interrupted by Jay all the time, which is small wonder. And at my office space I’m really not much into writing fiction, or editing it.

So I have bogged down and it has been stop-start for over a month, going slower and slower.

So today I had to drag myself back to it, if only to read like 5 pages and do the edits.

I guess that is what it is all about, what they all say … what being a writer is about.