190. Passive Income Is Not Passive – Get Over It

Got late to the office space today and spent most of said day upgrading my company website so it looks more pro. I’m honestly tired of the standard WordPress designs.

I want to show that you can do a lot with free WordPress, but I can do so with other free themes (Wordpres jargon for design templates). And a little help from some plugins and coding …

That felt satisfying, but unfortunately I didn’t then take time to do a lot of sales work today. Except a few pitches and some content marketing (i.e. just helping others for free in forums and see if they come back to buy more service).

My minimum earnings goal for this month is 3K USD, though, and I’ve already got 3 customers totalling about 2/3 of this goal, so I’ll make it. But I have to ramp up if I want to make over 4K, and if I want some of that to be more passive, more enjoyable, etc.

Speaking of ‘passive’ … I’ve been doing some writing about that concept before, I think, but it’s worth taking up again.

A few years ago I was ‘lured’ into taking a marketing course that promised me I could have my own info-business website selling digital products and then earning automatic ‘passive’ income big time. Well, it was actually one of the more honest courses, but marketing-wise it played on some of the same damning and undefined desires we all have:

To escape 9-5

To just sit on a beach with a laptop raking in money by writing a bit

To have more control over our time

To earn more

While this is a tempting fantasy, I’ve heard people who’ve done this argue against it. They say you shouldn’t go for passive income just to escape making active income. Because what are you going to do with your time once you make it and money just come in once you sleep? Will you play golf?

In other words, you should – according to some – create passive income sources to get more time to do what you love which is active and productive, and this does not include leisure.

Second trap is to believe passive income is passive, as it says in so much of the marketing from online DYI-gurus that spams the net these days.

Passive income is not passive.

It is, in effect, like royalty or profit you earn from having set up a business system with products and services.

Setting up and maintaining a system takes time and effort.

But it is true that you can easier scale passive income. For example, I can write more books and then they earn, more or less, without me doing any additional effort. Whereas if I want to earn more selling webdesign services I only have that many hours in the day to sell. I can only scale my marketable services and hence my income to a limit.

I read this great article about what successful passive income earning bloggers actually earn and where they get their income from.

A key take-away is that they have set up and maintain huge systems that consist of several different income sources:

– Google ads

– Affiliate marketing (one of the biggest sources) – esp. web hosting, website plugins, themes and website tools

– Email lists to which these bloggers can send further promotional offers and free incentives (Ebooks, newsletters, tips, how to guides, freebies etc. as methods of getting people to subscribe)

– Constant presence on key social media as of 2017 (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and others). Bloggers with bigger stats here have better earnings.

– Posting frequently (active work!)  – at least around 5-10 solid posts per month. Many of these are based on authoritative research (active work!) in their preferred niche and focused on the right keywords to get better traffic (active work!).

Most of the bloggers above are doing it full time (!) So they are working just as much or more as when they were in regular jobs. Only now they are their own boss and have escaped the fixed 9-5.

Many of these successful bloggers are relying on multiple niche websites and some are also a part of blog network which brings in another level of security just in case one of the sites is not working.

These bloggers are well connected with other bloggers in their own respective niche and often collaborate and harness each other’s strengths to generate new revenue models.

These bloggers are constantly looking for new affiliate models and products and are not reluctant to try new things even if they have to pay for it.

Most of them are offering either consulting or selling digital products to make more money from their sites.

All of these bloggers have invested in getting a professional look to their blogs (costing time and money!).

Their designs, unique voice, techniques are all regularly tested.

Many of them do a lot of A/B and multivariate testing to improve on their existing designs and get the maximum out of their investments (active work!).

So ‘passive’ is BS. Pure BS. And I might as well get it into my head now. I don’t want to make ‘passive income’. I want to earn more money in a more enjoyable way.

I want to set in place systems which can scale my income and work, at least for awhile, when I am not working. Or ill. Or otherwise pre-occupied.

But passive: Never.

Because it is nothing but a pipe dream – sitting there on the beach, blogging a bit and sipping a drink and then the millions roll in.

But a lot of people are earning from that dream. Just not the ones buying it.