191. So Where To Go From Here?

That’s the question I ask each morning when I go out in the neighborhood with Jay in his carriage, so Char can get some extra sleep.

It would also be a good question for my life currently. With regard to a number of themes.

Since I am so restricted with time and energy right now, helping raise Jay, trying to earn a minimum income regularly through my firm, and doing dishes 3 days old, this is not an easy question to answer.

I can only share some glimpses of answers which have been in my mind recently:

Finish editing that 100-page dimension travel short novel, just one evening and then let go. Save it or put it on Amazon. Just to get a feel that I have done it. I can go back to writing 500 words a day – that’s probably not even a problem with Jay. But concentrating on editing is. So either I have to break this creative project, once again, or find out a new way.

Massive marketing to get people to sign up for a new free WordPress-course, then lead them into buying more modules, e.g. on webshops. Upsells, as they are called. That would be a small but important part of a system that is scalable and more or less automated and earning money. Those are products in my native language, so there’s a limit to scale. OTOH the niche seems to be more or less there for the taking …

Ramp up efforts, as above, to open more and better income streams than the few clients I have now, including Big But Exhausting Photographer Client. It’s the only way. Use affirmations 24/7-ish to support that mindset and focus. No grumping. No waste of energy and time. Just do it. Move!

I feel too tired right now to type anymore, but I’m sure there is more. I guess life is like that elephant you have to eat in bits.

Very well, that is not a bad meal, if you accept that that is how it is.