192. Retribution Is A Bad Teacher

An old friend pissed me off yesterday by changing her WordPress website to a software-as-service solution.

Not because I hate all SaaS or because I put in a lot of free time to teach her WP. Simply because she took off her head and walked with it under her arm into the arms of that SaaS-company and Took No Backup Of Her Old Site.

Now she was missing several blog post and I helped her recover them from a damaged database-file from the old website, which was all I could, narrowly, get a hold of – from her previous host, who wasn’t too thrilled about loosing a customer.

She had asked to pay for it and I had wanted to charge her, but I decided against it. She knows she messed up, and our friendship will be better off if I don’t charge her and give her this gift.

It was a stupid, stupid mistake (of hers) and all the more stupid because … well, it’s just stupid.

Even so it was also right to let her go for free, since she is a friend and has so many other qualities. She may be technically, well, limited. However, she has great spirit and helps a lot of people with her work, which is of a counseling nature.

And maybe there is another win here, because now that she has changed to using website software I have no idea about, she will not email me about how to do this or that about a website. Stuff which I had promised to help her with in my free time, when I had it.

Perhaps that is what she was trying to avoid, to be indebted to anyone whom she calls a friend. In that case, I guess we are both free now. She doesn’t owe me anything anymore and I didn’t charge her, although I had decided I would for this particular mess ‘so she could learn’, because she had stupidly moved her site without backing up.

But ‘retribution’ is a bad teacher, especially among friends. So I dropped it.

It was still a stupid move of hers, though. However, I think with all the trouble she has had that she knows that very well now. So who am I to jump onto a pedestal and pretend that I should be her pharisee?