201. Tired Weekend Light

with baby, visits, house-stuff and too little time for making money or just making some time for oneself.

And yet, when the house was quiet, I decided to take out the drawing pad. I had almost given up on my ‘I’m Not Scared-project’.

But now I was drawing for the first time in months.

I then decided that I was probably right in never going to do a real comic again (haven’t done one complete since 1994 – but tried several times since). Too much work. Too little money to make. Dying medium.

So, yeah, that did not change.

But I also decided I was going to continue to draw. Had almost given that up, too.

I can’t even remember what my idea was with the INS-project, except it being fairly open, mostly good for soul, okay-if-never-finished.

But somewhen along the line even that got derailed and now I seem to remember that I wanted it to be more.

I don’t.

I just want it to be.

So that part of my soul is not lost. That’s all that matters.