26. Resolution

I thought about New Year’s Resolutions, but could only come up with one meaningful:

To fight fear.

Within and without.

I’ve felt uneasy for the better part of the year, also before I was told I was going to be a father.

There is something in me that needs to be addressed – that I need to become more at peace with.… Read more

25. Number Games

On a train journey to visit my parents I tried to relax, but was still thinking about the company – my company and its fragile future.

In particular, I was thinking about what would motivate me to do what I needed to do to earn more money.

Strange as it sounds, I didn’t feel I had the ‘right’ motivation.… Read more

22. Important Off-Topic

I recently started a thread in the Off-topic part of that brilliant creative discussion forum of AH.com. It was about the purpose of life, and if people had found it.

Well, why not?

Anyway, I received a handful of replies to the question “Do you feel you have a mission or purpose in life?” over Christmas.… Read more

21. Children Allowed

We drove home from the Christmas gathering and got back to the City, some hours before a major storm hit the country.

Overall, it had been some very good days. Especially yesterday when Char, I and my sis- and brother-in-law had been sitting around the dining room table and helped each other finish the LEGO-sets we had given the kids for Christmas.… Read more

20. A Christmas Upgrade

Christmas with the family. It’s a wonderful time and a difficult time.

You remember how much you need and love your family.

You are also reminded again how totally different you are from a lot of these people, who you never really chose to be your family, except your spouse.

One thing that always strikes me is that most of my family, like most people I meet, are preoccupied with talking about things and events.… Read more

19. No Veggies Required

This morning I felt remarkably sluggish and first wondered if it was because I was, well, older …

42 and not in shape, so why not?

I’ve heard older people (older than me) say again and again: ‘I don’t have the energy I used to’. And it’s been a long time since I took the black belt in Taekwondo and was in peak condition, at just ‘the right’ age.… Read more

18. Behind the Backside

The last day before Christmas day saw the office for the so called entrepreneur program almost empty, but I didn’t mind.

One meeting with an architect who had a need of making invisible some table-borders somebody had coded for her – and that was it. I went home again.

Char had the day off, and had bought some last Christmas presents, but was tired.… Read more

17. Sorrow’s Opportunity

For every instance of grief and hopelessness, every experience of it, there is an opportunity to do some good elsewhere. This opportunity is, in a sense, fueled by the sorrow of the very situation that seems so devoid of any ‘good’.

The opportunity arises if enough energy can be mustered, from the insistence on bringing balance in one’s perspective … which can be done when one is ready.… Read more