54. View to the Star

Today I felt I got clearer on the ideal customer profile for my new company. I suspect the 4-5 customers or prospects I have picked up in the limited entrepreneur programme this past month has had something to do with that …

Good enough, so who is it then?

He or she has a business and is earning some money selling services or stuff, often not quite enough to live from it but not so little so that it’s a dead end.… Read more

52. Special Days

The rivers of the day have flowed a bit further towards their known destinations:

Merchant account in bank – check

Talk about how to get a ‘good’ birth, and what to do if not – check

Worked on company website (asset building) and marketed it – check

Trained, as I increasingly do, how to approach the day mindfully, especially its dull chores – check

And more.… Read more

51. Grit

So today I spent a lot of time marketing my new company, and nothing really happened except that I spend a lot of time. And began to doubt that I would ever make it.

I guess the only sane response to such feelings is to grit your teeth.… Read more

48. Why a Purpose Could Save Your Life

Today, we’ve cleaned up in the apartment and done some plans for how to rearrange everything to fit, once Jay is there.

Cleaning up and fitting things in your living for a new, expanded function.

Seems like as good an occasion as any to talk more about purpose.

Purpose is about your feeling – however it has come to you – that you are here for a reason.… Read more

46. The Formula for Lasting Friendship

The more of these points you can ‘tick off’, the better a chance you have to have a lasting friendship in the making.

And perhaps such a friendship is already Real for you … and your friend.


1) Will/desire/ability to Communicate Regularly

2) Shared Important Values

3) Life Context that Facilitates Regular Meetings in Person

4) Personal Chemistry

5) Actively Lived Mission in Life – Shared or Related

6) Shared Important Interests

7) Compatible Lifestyles

8) Will to Grow and Change – Together

9) Ability to Have Fun – Together

10) Compatible Level of Maturity and Conflict Resolution-ability

 … Read more

44. Rejuv

I’ve been thinking lately of how big a place rejuvenation has come to take in my life.

You see, we all have our ‘drug’ that rejuvenates. And we all need it.

Mine is reading books about battleships and then some comics every evening – that and a good whiskey. Right after I’ve done everything else.… Read more