80. Let Go and Live

One of the days when I felt … affected somehow to see other persons as annoying or hostile towards me, intentionally. First choice of view.

Whatever the reason, I feel glad to say that I managed to let go of it all at the end of the day.

And let go of my looming hostility towards myself for not being able to let go of it all sooner.… Read more

78. Critical Questions

Just on my (delayed) way home from an otherwise succesful live-talk about the last Inca Princess.

I’ve done these historical talks – a hobby of mine – for years now. Good fun. Good side-income.

This one went well, too. Sort of.

On our way to the station the local organizer of the institution that had hired me to give the talk had a comment.… Read more

77. First Silence

First day on my new social/news media detox.

I also exited the insurance system completely today, by the way. Rely on finding clients for my company in the future. Strange … doesn’t feel like such a big deal now, despite all the uncertainty that goes with it.

Maybe in some months when I am a father I might feel more worried about money, but for now it feels like it’s … okay.… Read more