146. Indivisible

Thought for a brief moment of spending some more of the waiting time for our son with looking for new clients, since I know I’m going to have only about 3K USD left on my private credit account by the end of month.

Probably less since I will be spending on food, etc., and not working much in this period of becoming parents.… Read more

145. As It Should Be

Another day waiting for Jay to be born, and with only one thing certain: It’s going to be 13 May at the latest. Char is too old for them to let her go more than a week beyond term, so the doctors will see to it that the process is started.… Read more

142. How to Avoid A Mid-Life Crisis In About 10 Minutes Per Day

We’re still waiting for Jay to come, and doing all sorts of preparations, and then … sometimes just waiting. That’s how it is for first time parents, I’m sure.

And tonight I’m tired because of clients and family visits and said preparations, so I found a post I wrote before any of this ‘father-stuff’ was into the picture.… Read more

140. So Many Before Us

Writing this Sunday evening and thinking about summer.

This afternoon we just had a visit by sister-in-law+kids, and a lot of talk about kids, and about having them.

It got me thinking again about what it’s going to be like – during summer, when we’ve been up all night and Jay is ill or something.… Read more

139. Four Ways of Handling Life Crises

I’ve been thinking about four universal ways in which we (can) handle Crises in life: Big stuff – like somebody dying or losing our health or livelihood. Those categories.

I suppose you could call them strategies but in reality they are probably more like modes of action, derived from a combination of habits, capabilities and whatever social and spiritual support we can command at any given moment.… Read more

138. KISS

I think I’ve found a close-to-optimal way of being ready for Jay’s birth these days, which is something considering how much I’ve fretted before.

Not that there isn’t something left to fret about, but that’s not the issue. The issue is what I choose to do in the wait, to feel ready to go at moment’s notice, yet not obsessing about anything.… Read more