237. Stones

During this blog, I’ve repeatedly returned to my need to draw and tried to argue why I should ‘keep the flame’ and then musing about how to do it. The problem is I’ve failed every time.

The previous considerations about everything from my concrete drawing projects to the deeper philosophy behind this part of my life may be true in a certain context, and may have been true, but since I am continually not drawing … something is clearly wrong.… Read more

236. The Troll President

I just had the thought that Donald Trump is like one of those kids with ADHD I’ve looked after in earlier years, in various special kindergartens.

He doesn’t mind anger and outrage as attention as long as it is attention. Because everything is about Donald Trump, it was never about America – much less the Republicans (a party he has not supported until recently).… Read more

235. No Platitudes

Saw an interview with a musician who lost his wife in a heart-wrenching accident: She fell at their home, through a glass door, and died of blood loss.

It struck me:  ‘What would I say to such a man if we were to meet?’

Is it possible to say anything? I dearly would want to.… Read more

230. Fuzzy Precedents

Today was a rotten day. I made the call to stay at home while Char (+Jay) went 2 hours in pouring rain with train and bus to her mother’s. Char had had a bad morning, too, thinking too much about the birth and the bad feelings from that experience.

But if I don’t get something done, a lot of next week is going to go without – getting something done.… Read more

229. The Only Thing

Today my mum came by to see her grand son and we had a great time, except in the evening when Jay was next to impossible for reasons we couldn’t quite gauge.

Maybe the stomach, maybe just because he is growing. Maybe just … because.

But something else has been growing, in my mind, recently … a thought about my ‘lost’ novella-series, Shade of the Morning Sun.… Read more