300. Realistic Narrative

As usual, every 100 posts, here are some reflections about where I have been for the last 100 days – and some about where I am going.

Due to the waves that have crashed in early-mid October so to speak (more on that on these post dates) this ‘look back’ is probably more going to be a ‘look forward’, because so much is still uncertain at the time of writing this post (mid October).… Read more

297. Dangers of Any Particular Life Story

It’s important to take a step back and look at the reasons why things turned out as they did. They are seldom simple, nor black and white. They seldom fit into the ‘personal quality lack’ or ‘inevitable fate’-explanations that we seem to be so attracted to.

While I did a project at university about attitudes towards foreigners (immigrants) I read a paper (one of a truckload) about human psychology.… Read more

296. Wonderings

I remember once a baby had been killed in car crash near my home. I went to the crossing where it had happened. I was drawn there. It felt so … unjust. That this child had been killed like that.

Some drunk assholes were speeding all through our city. Then they hit the car in front of them.… Read more

295. Maintaining Lifelines

Stress handling is NOT about trying to gain immunity from stress – that is silly and counterproductive.

It’s about as quickly as possible regaining balance and calm when problems bring you out of balance – make you angry, confused, overwhelmed, etc.

“Getting back into balance when you’ve been knocked about is as important as learning not to be knocked about.”

Your Lifelines are just that – a kind of first aid kit which is healthy and gives you a quick break and some energy.… Read more

294. For Good

A day of washing and house-work, so why not think about the larger picture?

It occurs to me that when I was younger I wanted to, well, ‘save the world’. I took a degree in “international development”. I wanted to save the children in Africa.

Now, for a great many reasons, I want to do three things:

1) Use The Blog to lift people’s spirits.… Read more

291. The Most Dangerous Thing

An old friend of mine, MRN, once said to me that the most tragic thing about people was if they had reached a state of mind where they could not see that life – theirs or that of others – could be any different.

I’ll qualify this statement a little, but not much: As I went to bed last night I thought about what was really holding me back from realizing some of my goals, aside from annoying customers and annoying people in general.… Read more