435. Waiting for Reality

Met an old friend, ESK, for the first time in a long time tonight, for tea and a sandwich and a talk. About how she is stressed at work, as usual, and has asked for new assignments with less managerial responsibility. Again …

I seem to be having this conversation with her every few years, and she is ill more and more often, in so many ways.… Read more

430. Another Nail

Went teaching website-creating for small startups today at the organisation that used to pay out my unemployment insurance, when I was in their program for … startup. I still have a slight queasy feeling of being one of those formerly unemployed people who make a living selling services to the unemployed … like all the consultants that you had to see in the AAK organisation back when I first quit my job.… Read more

429. Restart

Back to normal diary-ing – even if Jay first starts daycare in March, but I have to see if I can make it work. Even if the posts become shorter (and perhaps they could benefit from that!).

There’s plenty to catch up on, although nothing earth-shaking has happened while I was ‘away’

But since this is going to be less ambitious, probably for at least another three weeks, let me just for today share one very tiny, but uplifting, bit of life – of my life.… Read more