432. The Real Is What We Need

Another choice, then, as a parent [not to give Jay a helmet to correct a small deformity on his head]. But we really have to consider ALL the factors. 

And that includes all the other good factors that help Jay and which we will dismiss, if we believe that this sort of instrument will make the difference in our efforts to correct his head. 

Such as being able to stroke and kiss his head, even if the effects are only psychological for us – and only a symbolic gesture of what we wish for him, for his body development.

But most importantly, of course, that science says it doesn’t really help with a helmet. Whereas with craniosacral therapy we do feel it helps, and we have a series of photos that seem to show that it does.

That may not be particularly scientific – the last type of documentation – but it is very practical – very real – right here and now. And that is what we need. Practical and real results. Experienced results. Not some intervention with lots of ramifications and born out of fear.