454. Spring

This next part of my Hammer & Magic-story has been a long time in coming and I almost felt something was beginning to freeze over inside me and make me fear that I would grind to a halt with this story, too – because many weeks had been allowed to pass.

Fortunately, it all thawed again once I actually forced myself to start writing again.

That is a good lesson.


453. Art Review

However, right now it feels even more right to let it go at this: I just write when I feels it gives me energy, to use what little spare time I have – when I feel it is right to use it for this and not for something else.

And the same with art, whatever the ups and downs and relatively incoherent decisions of last year(s).

And as long as it works, it works.

But I do miss drawing and writing, so I will have to go back to actually doing it soon. Very soon.