503. Their Presence

She was the first “nice” girl he had ever known. In various unrevealed capacities he had come in contact with such people but always with indiscernible barbed wire between. He found her excitingly desirable. He went to her house, at first with other officers from Camp Taylor, then alone. It amazed him—he had never been in such a beautiful house before.Read more

500. Looking Back (v)

One great relief now I’m at 500: I don’t have to do anything special.

Lost that decision over a month ago, to do The Blog in any particular way:

– long/short,
– hook in intro/just start,
– practically relevant for daily life/philosophical reflections about anything and everything
– etc. etc.

And of course milestones and reviews and chronology and deep interlinking and lots and lots of repetition and excuses for never really being able to do It All.… Read more

495. What Returns At Night

About dreams. It is usually taken for granted that you dream of something that has made a particularly strong impression on you during the day, but it seems to me it’s just the contrary. Often it’s something you paid no attention to at the time — a vague thought that you didn’t bother to think out to the end, words spoken without feeling and which passed unnoticed — these are the things that return at night, clothed in flesh and blood, and they become the subjects of dreams, as if to make up for having been ignored during waking hours.Read more

490. The Experience Is First

As I grow older and continually try to fix my life to become more happier overall, it looks to me more and more like the key to winning this ‘game’ is to focus only on one single day at a time.

Sure, you should have goals and all but my point is this:

If you primarily focus on coming out of each day with the best experience, all things accounted for, you allow yourself to become happier overall – over the course of an entire life.… Read more