207. Today I Felt Like I Didn’t Belong Anywhere

Just for a few minutes. After some meetings at the shared work space for upcoming entrepreneurs, which I used to frequent while I was still getting paid my insurance for unemployment.

Before I just went out and became an entrepreneur…

Anyway, I had met up with a guy who does communications in the life sciences and a lot of other stuff. We caught to know each other the first time we both used these offices and he has since become a customer of mine, buying WordPress assist.

We invited ourselves to meet at these offices, then, and – of course – to snatch a little of the dinner. The coordinator was delighted to see us ‘old timers’ again, but still … I couldn’t help feel we didn’t belong and that we were somehow mooching.

Because we both don’t really make money enough – for good lunches or for good office spaces.

I sat alone after A had gone on to another meeting, somewhere else, and worked a bit. Wrote a pitch for a webshop, for a new prospective client.

I did that, then looked around and saw lots of young people – some probably on unemployment insurance but wanting to be entrepreneurs, others entrepreneurs with less funds borrowing these locales for a few months as they are permitted to do. Others just there, full of ideas and visions and hope.

A feeling that nothing of this mattered and that I did not belong there, or anywhere else for that matter, briefly came over me.

It was colder than the rain outside, in the City.

I don’t know where it came from, but I had to make a willful effort to shake it off. Sometimes that’s all you can do.

Solves nothing, but it is better than succumb.

Move on. And when you feel more … alive … then you can go in and analyze if you are in the right place and where you are going. Don’t do that, when you feel down.