211. Conscious Internet-Use

I tried before Jay’s birth to limit my internet-use – to internet detox.

I realized that I had begun using the net as a kind of TV, just zapping through channels, numbing my mind: Facebook, emails, news, repeat.

It colonizes my mind and makes my experience of life … less. I don’t sense as much, feel as much. I am prone to think more negatively (mostly due to news). I am not efficient at work. And I am an addict.

The last part is the worst – realizing that something relatively innocent (only a couple of hours of random surf per day) is actually an addiction that has hijacked my mind.

My internet detox scheme fell about in the month before Jay’s birth and the weeks after. I used the net again as a way to ‘escape’ when I needed a break. Surf without purpose.

Now I’ll have another go. I’ll plan what I want to do with my time on the net and do only that and then close it down again. On desktop and phone.

I’m not kidding.

A may come across as a fanatic puritan, but I really, really feel there is much to be gained by trying this.

I am trying it. Including this blog post, and then finish.

But God, it is difficult.

Perhaps that is an indicator of how much it is worth to achieve.