215. Spider-Clones

Saw Spider-Man: Homecoming today with an old friend and didn’t know whether to feel amused or annoyed that this was the 3rd actor to play Spider-Man since 2002.

I know there was something about movie rights, but overall the movie is a symptom of the tendency in Hollywood to not create something new but just rehash the old, tested and tried.

I predict that even if Marvel retains the rights now fully, or still in coop with Sony, they will relaunch Spider-Man with a new actor and a new twist on the old story in less than 10 years. And not because the present actor has grown too old for the part.

It’s a question of a perception in that, expensive, part of Hollywood nowadays that it’s not worth risking doing something new – or risking developing something old into something different. (What does Spider-Man do when he really gets older, for example?)

Movie money logic follows the same formula as our forlorn hopes for life, sometimes: That it stays the same and that we can relive success upon success and don’t have to take risks or venture into new territory.

I might be reading too much into this film, so I will stop now.

But I did enjoy the movie. 🙂