226. What Should Be In It

Today I had a meeting with a potential client who started by telling me about the 3 (or was it 4) businesses he had run into the ground before this one.

That wasn’t actually what bothered me about him.

Nor was it the fact that he called me up later in the day – before I had even made my mind whether to proceed with making him a formal offer for his webshop – and said he had forgotten to tell me someone else was working on this and they had just reported that they could finish their version of the shop in a time-frame that suited him (thanks for wasting my time!).

What bothered me the most, in retrospective, was that he – with all his previous businesses and all his current and all his side-projects – was only in it for the money.

I mean, this guy had done tele-marketing, bike-shops – even tattoo shops, for heaven’s sake.

I do realize there is a certain respect one should give to a serial entrepreneur and which they have earned for their courage and willingness to take risks.

Although, I do think this guy’s enterprises probably were a bit on the shady side (he suddenly began talking about the importance of his new bike webshop having ‘private prices’ for certain retail customers), I wouldn’t even hold that against him. Not much, anyway.

No – respect or not for initiative and courage – I just don’t resonate well with people who are only in it for the money.

So in a way I’m glad he called and made it clear he had wasted my time.