240. Synergistic

I’ve decided to use the next 60 posts with Robinson Crusoe.

That is, I’ll write about an aspect of my upcoming live-talk about ‘the real Robinson Crusoe’ – Alexander Selkirk, and do illustrations when needed.

That way I’ll be finished in good time before my first booking in February-ish, and I’ll not stress – hopefully. And I’ll get some more meat on the Distant Mirrors-category of The Blog. Not shabby.I’ll start of with the day, though, as usual – since The Blog is first and foremost a Log – a diary. So you won’t be stuck with either Robinson or more of the same. It’ll be a combination. Sometimes I may skip and veer off and talk only about other things, but this is the Grand Plan.

It feels good to set a goal that I know I’m going to reach easily because I combine it with an activity that already has momentum. Thereby I strengthen both this particular goal – of creating the live-talk (no. 5) and having fun and not too much stress. And I strengthen the blog.

As opposed to letting these two time-users fight each other.

‘Fusion’ is the word, I believe. Or at least ‘synergy’. Whatever … if it works, it works. And I feel it works.

I should strive to find more synergistic solutions instead of letting my different goals and aspirations battle each other for my time.