248. What I Have To

Sleep poorly these days, feel there’s too much work and then of course preparing the baptism and keeping up with Jay every day. It’s not awfully bad but it’s not particularly good either.

Maybe I am affected by something not entirely of my own making, sometimes I do feel like a certain negative ‘energy’ latches on to me from people or places. But even without metaphysics, the work-load in my company and at home is there and shaped by my decisions.

But one of the things you Just Have To, of course, is take care of Jay, although Char does most of the heavy lifting. Then again, I cook and shop a lot, so there’s a balance.

Stranded on an island or anywhere in nature, alone, you’d have to get up, too, and take care of the food-situation, or else.

These Have To’s are there, but easier to discern in extreme situations, when it’s about survival of you or if it’s about taking care of an infant.

Maybe I am slightly stressed, as hinted earlier, and therefore unable to make that distinction so well – about what I Have To and What I Don’t.

It helps to slow down, though, in my thinking and doing. The slower pace makes me feel less stress and better able to make decisions.

I just have to remember it.