251. Light

It was a beautiful and chaotic day for Jay’s baptism. I had not slept and felt ill but was probably stressed due to all the work, both with Jay and with, well, work. So I told people and they helped me and Char again, clean up after the party and was generally understanding and loving. And best of all they enjoyed themselves very much, and that energized me – made it possible for me to get through 36 hours without sleep.

The priest gave Jay the same birth words or quotation, as they are called in our language, that I got at my confirmation:

I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.

She, of course, did not know that another priest had given me those words almost 30 years ago – as guiding lines for life and faith. That was pretty amazing. I realize it’s probably one of the Bible quotes you choose often, but still … that she should ‘coincidentally’ have chosen it for Jay … that’s Big.

Selkirk also turned to God on his island, but he did it to keep reminding himself of the light and hope he felt he had lost:

[He] employ’d himself in reading, singing Psalms, and praying; so that he said he was a better Christian while in this Solitude than ever he was before, or than, he was afraid, he should ever be again.


Or so I reckon …

But my experience is – esp. from when I was terribly ill – that we do turn to God in times of need, to something Higher. Or the belief in it. Many of us do just that and it is natural and well. So those words might not mean much while everything is going well but when everything is not, they will.