26. Resolution

I thought about New Year’s Resolutions, but could only come up with one meaningful:

To fight fear.

Within and without.

I’ve felt uneasy for the better part of the year, also before I was told I was going to be a father.

There is something in me that needs to be addressed – that I need to become more at peace with.

I’m not exactly sure what it is, although I have a pretty good idea.

I guess it can’t get more important than that, then – and if I slip in trying to keep this resolution, there will be sanctions. My own mind will see to that.

Suits me just fine. Something needs to change, more than just my economy or relationship or parent status or acceptance of age.

Something deep.

I’ve brushed it – sometimes, I think – in these past blog posts, for this month.

But I have not seen it clear and present.

So I will. In 2017.