261. Surface Weary

Mostly all-work day but for a new, bigger client who actually has a product with ideals – creative play-guides for children and their parents.

I guess Not-So-Big-Anymore Photographer Client had ideals, as well, on the surface – like getting some memorable photos of the world for the rest of the world to see. Or maybe not. My sense was that he was mostly interested in doing business and mingling with photographers who were able to get memorable photos of the world.

I’m not choosy, though. Conduct is everything. Unless you sell arms or tobacco or the like I can help you with your webshop, site and online marketing, and I will do my best.

But what if you sell something that pretends to be something it is not, world-altering and important – witness the glossy language of photographer client’s newsletters. What if you have an idea that you are important because you can exhibit the world, as if it was a zoo, or a painting and do no more?

Then, at times (though not always), that attitude is also reflected in your professional conduct. You see other people as objects more than ends in themselves. Objects for your goals, your gratification.

Customers and employees and contractors, the whole she-bang.

Not always, but sometimes. Perhaps more often than not.

There seems to be a remarkably close relationship between what we sell, why we sell it and then to how we relate to people who help us sell.

Sometimes there are surprises, though, so take nothing for granted – esp. about other humans.

But be wary when its all about surface and big words and not so much about affecting others in positive ways.