263. The Chance

I didn’t do a month of blogging about my subject for my next live-talk about fascinating historical persons – namely ‘the real Robinson Crusoe’ a.k.a. Scottish 18th century sailor, Alex Selkirk.

And now I’m not going to do it. And least not in a streak.

Too many disruptions recently has made me rethink this one, but I am going to use one of the major disruptions positively, namely the loss of Big Photographer Client, for whom I work two days a week plus all the loose change.

After I finish up on two or three more customers, one of whom has a major webshop/site rebranding project, I will take a week out of the calendar and finish the first version of the talk. Yes, artwork, story, slides – everything.

I’m probably not going to be able to do 60 slides in a week with baby Jay, and the occasional work-related matter in my company, but I can make a good dent in it. For this one, I think it’s time to try the deep-dive focused effort-method.

I will earn money on it later – the only question is how soon later is going to be, and how much.

But money is not the only reason I need to do this. I’ve been neglecting that part of my soul for long over the summer with client frustrations and searches, learning the ropes of becoming a father and family ‘projects’ – including the baptism.

Now it is a good time to claim that part back, and at the same time create a new asset in my live-talk portfolio – which I am already booked for, by the way. I have promised to give 3 talks about Alex Selkirk, come spring.

I have to do this now, before everything else becomes ‘too important’ again, though – including making money sooner rather than later.