274. Storm Fronts

Lots of saber rattling going on in and around NK these days. with missiles tested, fired and nukes tested and fired. So far not at any living target.

I was really scared of nuclear war when I was a teen, during the latter days of the Cold War – which could’ve turned Hot.

There’s still a slight twinge of that – that things will somehow escalate and the US and China will end up duking it out.

Even if the most realistic scenario is that China will not let itself be drawn into that if, as things seem, the first shot might be fired by NK.

If so, then: Accident or paranoia, who knows?

But they do seem awfully trigger-happy.

And in case of war, millions will likely die – esp. in the Koreas.

As always the world seems a strange place of both heartbreaking beauty and icy shadows at the same time. I pray that beauty will find its way into enough people’s hearts at the right times that we may right out another storm front and let it pass.