278. What Feels Quite All Right

Worked much of the day on a project for a customer who had paid me in June, but who has been going bankrupt for so many months. I wondered why I still cared.

Sure, she had paid me and I owed her, but I have also done a lot of voluntary stuff on her webshop in 2016, so from some other perspective you could argue she still owed me, although that would probably be too cynical. At least for me.

But I felt pressed because I was not earning money, and needed to, and here was this unfinished project that I now finished, or tried to, because of an old obligation.

And for someone who had had no luck, or skill, in doing a business and is sure to close the doors before year’s end and has said as much herself.

So the temptation to just leave her was there, I admit that.

But I didn’t and not just because I owed her, formally and officially, for services purchased. Also because, it is who I am.

I don’t leave people, unless it is some kind of extreme case – maybe a survival case. Maybe a less dramatic but still serious case, where your spouse has dementia and you don’t leave, as such, but you do get another partner. Obviously there can be such cases.

And obviously I should take care of myself better and not just be Mr. Nice Guy too much, as I have had a tendency to earlier, perhaps.

But in general: I don’t leave people.

And I do keep promises.

And I do do my best to help, even if it means making someone happy that they have a nice-looking webshop despite soon having to close the real shop.

That’s what I do and that’s who I am. And somehow that feels quite all right.