279. The Only Question

Home alone and time enough for work and to think about whether or not my relationship with Char is in some kind of crisis.

We increasingly get angry with each other, even over small things. We increasingly seem to automatically consider something the other said as an attack, or something done to take something away from us.

Even the mildest of things, the most innocent of situations can suddenly become an argument, or the auto-reaction to a perceived attack.

I’d like to say that Char is more responsible than I, it is certainly what I feel at times. But in reality, I know, we are both responsible.

And the reason is probably that we, despite our age and experience and love for each other, are strung out at times by baby Jay, and me by trying to do the business.

In addition …

But the only relevant question here is what we will do with this awareness. Because there is not so much else we can change now about our circumstances. Only our will to react differently to these.