281. The Danger and Blessing

As I get older I discover continually that patience and determination are some of the most important qualities one can develop, and today was no exception.

Simply put, I was thinking about when and how to market this blog more, so it actually gets some readers.

Then I was thinking – again – about how little energy and time I feel I have for this, right now.

And I was also thinking – again – that maybe it is all for the best, since this blog does need to grow more and find a ‘sharper’ format so to speak. For example, I need to improve the way I write more – or so I feel – in order to communicate what I want to better.

And, of course, I can’t forget that other thought either … namely that perhaps there is no harm in keeping this blog off the grid, albeit unwillingly, until at least I have maybe 10 per cent of my avowed post count.

So 1412 posts or thereabouts. That’ll be some years …

But how else can people take me seriously?

Maybe they can, but I still feel that there’s a good chance they can’t.

I mean, that’s the danger of having set out such ludicrously high ambitions … or maybe it is a blessing in disguise?

Because if you are realistic – if you can keep you head level – then you can also see what may be demanded of you, if you stick to that level of ambition.

And, yes, in principle I could go on a marketing spree now, if I had the time and energy. But wouldn’t it be better to wait? If The Blog is a project meant to last almost 40 years, what is the rush, except a push for my own ego?

Wouldn’t it be more convincing and powerful and thus beneficial to the purpose of The Blog to go out and start showing it to the world at a turning point, when people can begin to believe that yes, this is not just a ludicrous ambition – it is actually starting to come true?