286. Balancing Beliefs

Spent the day trying to work, again, although I had promised to keep weekends off. It was not a good or efficient work-day, nor a good family day, then.

But I felt I had to give one last effort to do more on the live-talk about Real Robinson, because there had been so many interruptions during my ‘week off’ to do this very project. But nothing is without a price, as Char reminded me.

So I stopped early and accepted how far I had come, which is all slides done with text, or at least notes. And maybe 20 with illustrations (out of 60 or thereabouts). And I also know much better know some things I want to talk about – themes, points, etc.

But weekends should be kept for the family as much as possible, and I have not done so the last handful of weekends, so I have to make up. Even if I also feel I have to make new money soon, with new clients – and also for the sake of my family.

However, since we are not starving yet – far from it … I will try to relax and prioritize free weekends with Jay and Char.

I have to in any case, since there are a couple of family birthdays coming up and we are attending and they will take most of the weekends since we have to travel to get there.

But this is more than short-term adaptation. This is something I simply have to do long-term and consistently.

I also have to get better at planning my projects as an entrepreneur, of course, and foreseeing problems. And better at pricing them to take into account such problems – and extra time spent solving said problems.

Phew … there is so much balancing to be done, it feels more often than not like an impossible task. But I should be able to get better at it, at least, if never perfect.

That much I have to believe, and believe it in my heart and soul. Otherwise, what is the point of even trying?