293. That Is What We Do

Char has hurt her hand and can’t carry Jay, so I have to do it – day and night. Needless to say this … complicates my attempt to get more new clients now that I’m almost done with recent projects.

It also complicates how much time I get to myself, or with friends or with Char just us. Which was close to none anyway, these many months with a baby in the house.

And. So. On.

But for now we have to use Char’s savings from her inheritance to cover expenses, since my savings are non-existent (I do have credit, though – piss-in-the-pants warmth that it is … ).

And I have to make do with a lot of time not-to-do-anything but baby-sit and house-sit, and be patient and hopeful.

It is a necessary choice. An inflammation like the one Char has does not go away by itself and we don’t want it to get worse. She also sees a chiropractor and laser-treatment. So we are doing what we can. But the most important doing is alleviating her carrying-quota, so to speak, here at home.

So with the money that we do have – now – we are also investing in hiring a cleaning-lady, long overdue.

Not just because of Char’s condition but because … in general.

I spend at least 2-3 hours per day cleaning, washing, shopping, cooking and doing dishes, and I can spend those hours better. Like trying to make more money than we pay the cleaning lady.

So I just have to do that.

And be patient until I can do that, because cleaning lady or not, I still have to get up at night and carry Jay to Char so he can get his food – and many times during day, changing diapers, everything. We can’t hire us out of that.

We can only wait and remain calm and have faith that we have enough money – and help from our families – to do this, without too much cost.

So that is what we do.