294. For Good

A day of washing and house-work, so why not think about the larger picture?

It occurs to me that when I was younger I wanted to, well, ‘save the world’. I took a degree in “international development”. I wanted to save the children in Africa.

Now, for a great many reasons, I want to do three things:

1) Use The Blog to lift people’s spirits. What I write will – I hope – inspire readers to identify and see more of is good, meaningful, connected in their own lives. And see practical ways of solving problems and challenges in the mess of everyday life, even if it is nothing fancy like the Huge Personal Development Change Course. It is my belief that such a lift will also give readers – you – more surplus to do something else for others, whatever you feel is right for you to do. And if that happens, lots can be achieved.

2) Use a limited, well-prioritized time to be an example for my nearest and dearest – by biological foods and take that political discussion with uncle B, if I feel he should see things in a more humanistic and holistic way – both of which I pride myself of being able to see, act on and accept as better than materialism and individualism. But obviously, and learned the hard way, such things come at a price and maybe it makes more sense to lend a hand to cousin R, a serial entrepreneur, who needs input on how to make his new self-brewed beer brand biological (and who actually wants it), instead of burning hours trying to convince someone against their will to shift political positions to something I believe is ‘better’.

3) Make the global personal, so to speak. Char will remain in the charity-business for the foreseeable future, working as a fundraiser. If I can make that easier for her, by fetching Jay from kindergarten when he is ill or letting her use me as a punching bag when she needs to vent about shitty colleagues, then I can do a difference in my own way – by helping one of the people who helps millions of people.

Somehow all of that makes a lot more sense. Perhaps it is because this is a different time than, say, 1999 or 2000 when I started the “development”-courses at university. Perhaps it is because I am different.

Either way, it feels right. It feels like it works.