301. Momentum

I haven’t been too proud of this week’s blogging, since I haven’t had time for it, and therefore yanked in some old texts. I want this blog to be better and better and more and more original.

But sometimes that Is. Not. Possible.

Since Char got ill I have barely had five minutes to myself all day, looking after Jay with her and doing house-work, and only being able to work very, very little.

Which is to say do any kind of work that earns me money.

So … blogging. Not so much.

And it will continue for awhile. And therefore also some very short posts.

Like this one.

So much for perfection. Much less ambition. Much less the feeling of momentum.

But that is life, isn’t it? Not just blogging?

Whenever we move for a long time in a certain direction, towards something we really want, there’ll be obstacles.

We have to accept that.

And keep moving.