302. The Only Focus

So … another mass shooting in the US.

I pray that today will be the day when a US majority of voters and politicians will see the wisdom in restricting gun laws, starting with the state of Nevada, where people are allowed to carry weapons and do not have to register themselves as a gun-owner and are also allowed to sell guns privately.

There really isn’t any other sane reaction to events such as these, and that’s why I feel a need to share it. But it’s not my reaction here that matters – it’s that of the people living over there. And most likely nothing is going to chance, I know. But I will settle for a few percentages more in terms of converts to gun restriction, then. Then maybe in some decades’ time we will be there.

It is cold comfort, when one thinks about how many more people have to die in the meantime of this completely avoidable cause – witness the effects of gun restriction laws in other countries. But in the face of a so-called advanced society which makes such primitive choices in so many cases I believe there is little to do but grit one’s teeth and pray they will make better choices – that things will go in the right direction, in spite of everything.

You can judge them Americans, loathe them, or ridicule them – or some of them. But it won’t help.

The only choice is to keep eyes firmly focused on a better future and what it takes to get there. That goes for us as well. Amen.