317. World of Good

Living in my friend’s house, while he and his family is in Paris, is a real help – even if my mum wasn’t ill.

It’s spacier, which is always nice when you have a baby, but above all it is calm and quiet. It’s just as much the neighborhood that helps.

We’re in an older, smaller city, about 30 clicks from the capital city where we usual live in our apartment, and we’re close to water and more of an old town and even a cathedral.

But actually it is just the quiet neighborhood with houses and gardens and children playing.

Char says it feels like a holiday house and I guess it is, even though there definitely isn’t a real holiday for us.

But let’s call it a holiday of the mind, or at part of the mind.

Or: Removing a stressful part of the mind, for a while.

By removing a stressful part of our environment temporarily, which I suppose is our home apartment – small and cluttered.

Fair enough. It’s the small things, but sometimes a change of air can do a world of good.

Even if the rest of the world is not so good.