325. Never Mind

I’ve decided to go ahead with my first product for my webdesign-business – again. Which means that even though I feel very aware of what kind of income stream this is and its limits, I am also aware it might very well fail to take off, like so many times before.

But never mind. I’ll start doing the videos anyway.

Hours long, cost a few bucks, takes you behind the scenes of webshops and websites with premium themes, real cases. Those are the keywords.

Little traffic and no money for advertising website.

Never mind. I’ll start anyway.

It’s not the product – or stream – I searched for all spring, the one that came closest to combining max passion, max purpose and max profit all rolled into one.

It’s just done because it is necessary and because I like the format – teaching on video.

So I’ll do it anyway.

And due to my current space-time constraints, being on semi-maternity leave with Char whose hand is still poor, I’ll probably not have much more than 15-2o hours effective per week to work.

For everything – including finding customers and getting work done that brings in money next week and not in half a year.

Never mind. I’ll start anyway.

There are all sorts of good reasons for not starting now, and all sorts of reasons this might fail as well, like less ambitious attempts at product development or whateveryoucallit.

Never mind. I’ll start anyway. Again.

I considered not starting. But I’m sick.

I’m sick of the thought of no change.

It’s not an excuse not to think this through, make it smarter and better.

But no dawdling either.

And no excuses.

I feel deeply I need to change my financial situation. I’m sick of it. Even if I’m not living in Ethiopia (far from it), I’m.Still.Sick.

Of It.

I think that’s the only important part here:

I want change so much, in this department (so to speak), I’m more than willing to shit on all sorts of Perfectly Reasonable Reasons why something can’t be done or shouldn’t be done. (At least right now.)

And so I do. Now I just got to choose a starting date.

How about tomorrow?