336. The Way Forward

A lot of driving, to fetch Char and Jay from family birthday down south and then go home and fall asleep very tired – after doing all the usual baby-stuff. But before noon I had some time to myself and even though I had to do dishes and laundry I got thinking about my vision again …

Yeah, about that story on a blog with all sorts of what-not-articles on it as well – mostly reviews of other articles. Yeah, the stuff that might finally be a good outlet for my creative part, at least as regards writing, and – yeah, that too – maybe earn a buck down the line. Yeah-yeah-yeah …

The more I think about this the more I feel that

  1. I do have a genuine vision worth fighting for – even if my first cursory sample of articles that I might want to include on the blog proved less … resonant
  2. I’m for the nth time going about a project of this type and with these (mixed) goals in a way that is … wrong

It sure feels like a drag already and that wasn’t the the idea. Like something is fighting within me. Or … something.

But what do I know for sure then? Which pieces can I at least lay on the table, even if they don’t fit? Here are some:

  1. It feels like a genuine vision that excites me – of a story about a guy or a girl having these dreams or whatnot about past lives and then going about investigating them.
  2. … and telling this story in a blog with lots of other material posted to attract attention, instead of either traditional marketing (ads-based) or selling (on the heavily crowded market place of Amazon)
  3. I don’t really have time before Jay is in daycare and Char’s hand is better to do the home-stuff alone, which means April. Currently I barely have time to earn money from my webdesign-business. I’m lucky if I can carve out 15-20 effective work-hours per week … currently.
  4. Lastly, I am not – after some thought – disheartened about finding so few articles or other material to begin with that I could refer on my blog, and thus use to attract search engine traffic and serve visitors interested in past lives etc. That is a long process – to find out … and it is okay. I just had to remember that. After asking for some help, yes, but often the most straight-forward way is the one we’ve forgotten. So maybe some deep inner wisdom, or God, or a fairy or a simple coincidence can remind us of that when we throw in the towel but … the result is still there, and simple and real.

So there can only be one conclusion – I have to do a new story, in writing, and self-publish it on a blog. As the primary outlet. How exactly to do that, I don’t know. Nor when. Nor if there should be ebook derivatives published on the big markets (Amazon) as well. Nor what kind of material should go onto the blog to attract attention and serve visitors. Nor exactly how I should find my ideal visitor or reader. Nor how to monetize.

But sometimes you have to go on an intuition, if you feel it strong enough. Even if there are many unanswered questions and will be for some time.

Speaking of time, the only other logical conclusion is that I cannot do this for serious until Spring. Until then I have to hoard my 15-20 efficient hours alone, in some office space or in our apartment and use them to work to earn money.

When Jay starts daycare I can work more full time if I want and allocate some of those 40-ish hours to investments in projects such as this, either because I believe they will bring in money later or because I want them really badly. Or both.

Until them I will use this blog to reflect on this project, on the story, on the marketing, on the purpose, on the readers and all that jazz. And why not? The devil is in the detail and it would be reflection combined with experimentation, for example topical research or writing small texts for the story.

So it should combine the best of both worlds. And it should be a useful learning process.

Which is the definition of this blog.