351. Refocusing The Purpose

I believe that it is not really possible anymore, as I believed when I was younger, to really change the world in my lifetime only contribute to some level of flow of positive change. Not very good way of putting it, but change is so slow and incremental if you want to contribute to something global and not just your immediate family or friends’ lives, or your own personal development.

You can work all life as a politician or voluntary worker and only see very local, very limited effects. Even the president of the United States don’t have much power, since the powers that be are locked in Congress and in the idiotic voting system, and – ultimately – in people’s belief systems and emotional readiness for change and for reaching out and not hiding and being reactionary.

All very high-brow, but if there is one way to truly make a difference – over time – today it is on the Internet where 17 year old fashion bloggers attract 17 million followers easily. So you can get attention, you can share something widely, and – over time – you can make a difference in people’s lives. I may only be able to reach a few thousand people over the years, in a way that really matters, and many more in more superfluous ways, but I do believe this is the best way – to blog. And blog to share. Experiences.